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- We Wish You All SAFE & GOOD FISHING..!
We appreciate all who visit and read these reports.
Your support makes all the work worthwhile.
Thanks to all who help supply reports for us to share with fellow anglers.

We strive each week to compile the best reports possible.
However, we cannot assure total accuracy of info supplied along with any human errors that may occur.

- We welcome any fishing reports or photos you wish to send us for sharing with other anglers -
God willing we will try to keep these reports going to share with you again this year..!

UPDATED Aug. 16, 2017



Fishing success depends on many factors such as an anglers experience, the baits/lures used,
  the presentations/techniques, weather and other variables. Our goal is to share information to help anglers
  improve their fishing success by making good decisions.
We continue to seek out and secure weekly reports on fishing conditions for most lakes
  and rivers in Central IL.
If a lake is not mentioned, it is due to a lack of current and/or useful information.
Many of our reports are from supportive anglers willing to share info to assist other anglers.
  Ultimately the real test of any lake or stream is to fish it.   GOOD FISHING.!

- Something you must consider is that fishing reports were about things and conditions that have already happened.
  It is not always a forecast or a look into the future but a good starting point when heading out.

-- Recently most of the fishing has been during morning and/or evening hours.
- Most fish are in summer patterns along deeper weed edges..
- The forecast is for maybe some rain next couple days, mid 80s through Saturday
  than warming up again..

- During those Hot weather days, Protect yourself from the sun and the heat, drink plenty of liquids.
  And, look for areas of cover and shade or deeper water structure to find fish.
- Our friends in Southern IL say their area is for the best solar eclipse on Monday
  and they hear there are a lot of people planning to be in area..!
- Be Safe and Get out to ENJOY the Outdoors along some GOOD FISHING..!

** We want to says THANKS to all those Great Kids Fishing Photos
  We Truly So Much Enjoy them..! THANKS for sharing them,
    and we are Sure The Kids Enjoyed it.!

- Consider hiring a local guide for a fish catching day out. They will not only provide good info but you will learn some useful fish catching techniques.
Check with the Guides that sponsor this page & those listed in our reports below.

- For those pesky Gnats and all biting insects that are out already, do as we do and not leave home or go out
without a bottle or two of The Original Vanilla Bug Spray to repel those biting gnats, flies and mosquitoes..
Don´t subject yourself or your pet to unnecessary pest attacks! To get your bottle now,
  visit for locations or to order..
    Get out and ENJOY..!

  - - Notes Of Interest : -

- BULLFROG season runs through Oct. 15th Bullfrogs ONLY may be taken by hand, hook and line, landing net, bow & arrow and spear or gig and - Common snapping turtles may also be taken during this time by hand, hook and line or bow & arrow except in southern most counties. A sport fishing license is required; Limits of 8 bullfrogs daily with 16 bullfrogs possession limit and daily harvest limit for common snapping turtles is 2 with a possession limit of 4. * Common snapping turtles and bullfrogs may not be taken by bowfishing tournament participants * We Recommend you read full Regulations for more details and or exceptions.!
- Disabled Outdoor Opportunities website   - And Accessible Fishing Areas in Illinois

- For Bank Fishing Opportunities in Illinois that are easily accessible,
  visit IDNR Bank Fishing page

* The 2017 Illinois Fishing Information guide is available online at IDNR website

* There are several New Illinois Laws for 2017,
Here are couple that pertain to Fishing:
- - No catch limits on private fish ponds Public Act 99-532, House Bill 5796
Illinois law limits the number of fish a person with a fishing license can legally catch in a 24 hour period.
House Bill 5796 creates an exception for people fishing on fish ponds located on their own private property.
- - Permitting bowfishing for catfish Public Act 99-867, House Bill 5788
Bowfishing is the practice of taking a fish with a spear or a bow and arrow. Existing Illinois law limited
the kinds of fish that can be taken through bowfishing. HB 5788 added catfish to the Fish Code list of fish
that can be taken with sharp weaponry.
* this one has caused some confusion & questions.
  Here is the IDNR answer to clear up * Bowfishing for Catfish *

- The U.S. Coast Guard has a Free boating safety app designed to provide additional resources for mobile users. Watch USCG app features video with download info & more


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* One big thing to remember is no matter how fishing may be for us anglers,
those Bait Shop owners have worked hard to keep the best fresh baits for us all to catch fish.
Please make sure to stop by and support those local (family run) bait shops for your bait, supplies and for current reports and/or tips. This will help to assure they make enough to stay in business and will be there for all us anglers when we need bait.

- - Near STARVED ROCK and South downstream:
-- River levels are normal..
- Catfish have been FAIR on most baits
- And a few White Bass on blade baits
  - Doug says the river is at normal pool
  & last Sunday he caught 3-Walleye
  3-White Bass ; 4-Drum and
  1-Catfish all on crankbaits..

  -   NORFORK LAKE in Arkansas
For current reports or to set up an Awesome fishing trip (we highly recommend), check Tom Reynolds of STR Outfitters at
- Here is latest Report from Tom:   - Striper fishing continues to be good. The stripers are continuing to move deeper as the oxygen level gets lower. The thermocline has dropped down to 60 feet and will keep getting lower as the lake level goes lower.
One tip is to keep changing your bait. The bait will not live more than 10 minutes right now so keep changing the bait and you will catch stripers.
The other bite is the hybrid on topwater. Lots of limits were caught this past week in the Hand Cove area. You can also catch them trolling if you set your lines between 20 and 30 feet. I have been seeing multiple schools of hybrids passing underneath my boat. The shad are staying up in the water column and that is why the hybrids are feeding on them.
The basic fishing rig has not changed. A 3 or 4oz weight with a short leader and putting the bait on the bottom then bringing it up about a foot and keep it there as we move around produces fish.
The stripers are still concentrated around the dam area the best places are Dam Cove, Koso, Thumb, Point 1, and the Hudson area. Trolling and spooning is also producing some fish but not the numbers the live bait.
My son took out his godson Willie along with our close friend´s grandson Logon. The boys are 4 and 5 years old. Willie´s dad Rick and Logon´s grandfather Dennis were also along. The boys did very well reeling in their limit of stripers. The fun part of the morning was when one of the boys tooted and all anybody could hear between the laughs was them blowing in their arms making the sounds everybody knows. My clients watched and were laughing as they caught their fish. It was one of the funniest days I have had on the lake in a long time...
For you out of area folks, you might want to get your calendars out and start making plans now while the bite is on. A good tool to use to make your plans with is on the web at for everything Norfork Lake! For a real outdoor adventure, you might consider a striper fishing trip combined with a pheasant hunt. It's a blast!
- Tom Reynolds has fished Lake Norfork for over 36 years and guides out of Tracy Ferry Marina; you can reach him at   or 870-421-1541 or on Facebook
** Reading these Norfork reports it is hard to know the time and work involved to get & keep bait to be able to catch these awesome fish, but We can verify the time and how much work it is for a live bait fishing guide as we spent 2 days with Tom from start to finish of day to understand "A day as a Guide" and all the time and work involved.   Read our full STORY HERE

DAWSON LAKE - East of Bloomington Exit #149 on I-74, North (right) through LeRoy 4-miles on CH21 then East at Moraine View State Park sign.
-- This is a " No Wake " Lake for those with motors over 10hp.
- Bluegills are FAIR-GOOD but most are small on wax worms and red worms along weed edges or in pockets
- Catfish remain somewhat GOOD on crawlers or dip baits best early and/or late in day.

EMIQUON PRESERVE - Between Havana and Dickson Mounds Museum on IL Route 78
For more info and details on Emiquon, go to
* New permits are required for boating and fishing each year - are free and available at Dickson Mounds Museum, 10956 N Dickson Mounds Rd, Lewistown, IL from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Call The Nature Conservancy at (309) 547-2730.
- - Check their site for updated rules or go to Official Site RULES file.

EVERGREEN LAKE - North of Bloomington to Exit #8 on I-39, and West just over 1-mile and turn left (south) at sign.
* This Lake has BOATING FEES and Evergreen Lake remains a 10 hp (or less) lake.
BAIT SHOP and BOAT RENTAL Hours: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Daily
NOTE - During the weekdays staff is not present, please press buzzer on the front of the building for assistance or call the Visitor Center at (309) 434-6770.
- Monday, we found water temps to be 79 - 80 and lake seemed to be down about 2 foot
- Bass are FAIR-SLOW with mostly small fish on small crankbaits
- Bluegills FAIR with mostly small fish on waxes and red worms along weed edges
- Crappie were FAIR on jig/minnows over brush in 13-18 foot of water with some on small trolled crankbaits
- White Bass were FAIR on red worms, jig and minnows or twisters with few on trolled crankbaits

  2 miles South of Hennepin off IL Route 26, turn West on Road 810N & then next right.
** LAKES Will Remain Open through Labor Day, Sept. 4th but
  * LAKES are CLOSED to Fishing on Mondays Except Labor Day.
  For the complete Rules & Regs details, click HERE

LAKE BLOOMINGTON - North of Bloomington to Exit #8 on I-39, and East for 3 1/2-miles.
---This Lake does have a BOATING FEE with a 40hp limit and Permit Required.
* 2017 New Fish Limit Regs =   Striped, White, or Hybrid Striped Bass . . . .
  10 Fish Daily Harvest Limit, with no more than 3 Fish greater than or equal to 17 inches
Walleye . . . 18 inch Minimum Length Limit . . 3 Fish Daily Harvest Limit

- Guide Paul Center had a Good evening Monday with clients Jacob & Todd catching nice Walleye.
  However, after the barometer dropped, fish moved and slowed a little.
  Also says Crappie and Yellow Bass were FAIR..
* For a guide trip on Lake Bloomington or Evergreen Lake yet this year, contact Paul Center of
  Angling Adventures at 309-454-8942

* Good News For bait:  * Mike´s Minnow Bucket Bait Shop   is OPEN for the season..!
*Check with them for latest reports they may have..
2.7 miles west of I-39 in El Paso, IL on US 24  

LAKE EUREKA - This Lake is only 30 acres, and is a good place for the family and kids, a lake where the whole shore line can be fished, there is a boat ramp and ONLY trolling motor use is allowed and if boat has a Motor on it, you must have a City Motor Permit but still May Not start it for any reason.!
* For bait, Check  * Mike´s Minnow Bucket Bait Shop 2.7 miles west of I-39 in El Paso, IL on US 24 ..!

LAKE SHELBYVILLE - Between Shelbyville and Sullivan - LAKE INFO LINE (217) 774-2020 and LAKE PROJECT OFFICE (217) 774-3951.
-- Lake is at summer pool ..
- Bass were FAIR last week on dark plastics, crawdad colored crankbaits and some spinnerbaits around cover near or out from shore in mornings and evenings.
- Catfish were FAIR on most baits and best late in day into night
- Crappie were FAIR on minnows over and around brush in 12 - 15 foot
- Walleye were FAIR recently on bait rigs and some trolling crankbaits
- White Bass remain FAIR-GOOD on 2 jig rigs, or jigging spoons fished off flats and main lake points

** For guided Catfish trips on Lake Shelbyville you can contact Jason of Hill´s Guide Service
  217-855-2692   - or

McMASTER LAKE at - SNAKEDEN HOLLOW - - NW of Peoria, just 1 1/2 miles East of Victoria South off IL Route 167, and there is a 10HP limit. 309-879-2607
* 2017 New Fish Limit Regs (All Lakes) =   Large or Smallmouth Bass . .
 . Protected Slot Length Limit; 14-18 inches   .. 3 Fish Daily Harvest Limit
And New this year At Lake McMaster: Anglers are allowed 1 Muskie per day of either 36-42" in length or over 48".
This Slot Limit will allow the angler to Harvest a 36-42" Muskie.

- While planning to make a Fishing trip to Rend Lake,
  make sure to look into a stay at the new Gun Creek Fin, Fur & Feathers Sportsmens Club and ask about guided fishing too..

- - Here is latest Fishing Report from US Army Corps who says:
- - "Please fish safely! Always buckle up your life jacket on the water! "   And:

  - Please use these collection stations
  for recycling monofilament fishing line
  provided at various locations around Lake.
  For more info feel free to contact
  the Rend Lake Project Office at
  11981 Rend City Road, Benton, IL 62812
    or   by phone at   618-724-2493

- - This Lake has a 10-horsepower limit.
- - - Park hours thru October 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
- Bass were FAIR on plastics, crankbaits & topwater along weed edges
- Bluegills were FAIR on waxies and part crawler along weed edges and pockets
- Catfish were FAIR-GOOD on most baits..
- Crappie were FAIR-SLOW around cribs and brush piles with more small fish recently
- Muskie were little SLOW with couple on bucktails spinners
- Walleye were FAIR-SLOW along weed edges on crawlers and/or leeches in bays

SPRING LAKE (South & North) - Just south of Pekin off Manito Blacktop, 5 miles northwest of Manito, and there is a 25HP limit. (309-968-7135)
-- Only 2 Reports from weekend saying fishing was little SLOW as lakes are covered with weeds/lily pads


BALDWIN LAKE - Just north of Baldwin off Route 154. - site Office 618-785-2555
--- There is a 50hp motor limit
-- Hours April 16 - Oct 31: 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM
- Bass were FAIR spinnerbaits and some plastics
- Bluegills were FAIR-GOOD on wax worms and red worms
- Catfish were FAIR-GOOD on cut baits

CLINTON LAKE - Three miles east of Clinton off Route 10 or 54 Ph 217/935-8722.
* 2017 New Fish Limit Regs =   Walleye . . . 3 Fish Daily Harvest Limit . . 18 inch Minimum Length Limit
Blue or Channel Catfish . . . 10 Fish Daily Harvest Limit, singly or in the aggregate

- Bluegill were FAIR-GOOD on wax worms and red worms along weed edges, around docks and in coves
- Catfish were Fairly GOOD on most baits through-out lake
- White Bass are FAIR in cooler part of lake on jig with minnows and/or twisters and bladebaits
- Crappie Guide Terry Davis tells us:   "We had a couple more successful trips this past week but not a whole lot has changed. The crappie are in there summer pattern and holding true to it. 9 to 14ft deep and just keep moving. This pattern should continue until we start getting some cooler nights and days and then we can expect those fish to be on the move. Good news is that we have been seeing some nicer fish and they have been getting thicker."  Visit or call 309-212-6817 for more details.

- Check with Joe of Ol´ Joe´s Bait and Tackle for latest reports and ALL your fishing needs
* Ol´ Joe says the Bait Shop is FOR SALE as well as the Building next door,
  just give him a call at 217-935-6244 if interested..!

** For Catfish, Contact Matt Lamb of Clinton Lake Catfish Guide Service to book
  a Catfish catching trip here.   Call Matt @ 217-855-8406
  or   on FB   Clintonlakecatfishguideservice   * Tell him Larry told you to call..

* Places to stay while at Clinton Lake - the Holiday Inn Express hotel, the newest hotel in Le Roy, IL
AND - Days Inn in Le Roy, IL   both Just off I-74 between Bloomington and Champaign,
  only 17 minutes from Clinton Lake. Make your reservations today (309) 962-4439 or (309) 962-4700

COFFEEN LAKE - SE of Hillsboro off Rt 127 or south of Coffeen off Rt 185, site office 217-537-3351.
-- There is a 25hp motor limit.
Water temps were about 85
- Bluegills were FAIR-GOOD on part crawlers and wax worms.
- Catfish were FAIR-GOOD on dip baits
- No Reports on other fish..

LAKE SPRINGFIELD - At Springfield off I-55 Exit 94 and go the east.
- Bass were FAIR at times on plastics, jigs and crankbaits with few on topwater along edges early in day
- Catfish were Fairly GOOD on most baits early or late
- White Bass were FAIR on KRAZY BLADES

 --- Check with Trevor at Big Reds Bait and Tackle for your bait and current reports at 2193 Stevenson Drive in Springfield 62703 just a mile west from the lake dam. You can call them at (217) 679-1800
** While there, Check out his New baits and the KRAZY BLADES - One of the best White Bass, Walleye and Crappie Lures made..!
** AND a side NOTE: Big Reds Bait and Tackle now has The Original Vanilla Bug Spray to repel those biting gnats, flies and mosquitoes..

Daily Hours reportedly will be 6 a.m. - sunset
** All fishermen must be off the lake by closing time each day. Hours may be adjusted due to staffing issues, so visitors should call ahead 815-357-1608 to confirm operating hours.
Visitors should adhere to all rules, regulations and direction from staff.
Orange windsocks are located on interior dikes throughout the lake. When the windsocks are erect, wind speeds are 14 mph or above and no boats are to be launched; boats on the lake should find calm water and get off the lake when safe to do so.
- SLOW fishing reports with just a few Bass and some Bluegills caught over weekend
- Catfish and Blues also little SLOW with those caught being smaller recently

NEWTON LAKE - 16-17 miles southeast of Effingham off Route 33.
- Bass were FAIR on jigs & deep running crankbaits
- Catfish were FAIR-GOOD on dip baits, big minnows and cut shad
- Crappie and White Bass remain SLOW

POWERTON LAKE - One mile south of Pekin off Route 29 along Manito Blacktop.
---- site Office 309-968-7135
--   SUMMER HOURS (May 1st - Sept. 30th): 6am-8pm
** For guided Catfish trips on Powerton Lake you can contact Jason of Hill´s Guide Service
  217-855-2692   - or

SANGCHRIS LAKE - South of Springfield off I-55 Exit 82 - go east on Route 104 about 10 miles.
-- Lake has a 25HP limit, Lake site office # 217/498-9208 from 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.
- Bass were FAIR-SLOW on plastics, crankbaits and few on topwater along weed edge and deep ends of timber early in mornings
- Bluegills are FAIR but mostly small fish recently on wax worms, red worms and part crawler along shore area cover
- Catfish are FAIR on most baits real early or late in day..
--- Check with Trevor at Big Red´s Bait and Tackle for current reports at 2193 Stevenson Drive in Springfield on your way to lake..

- LINKS or Other Lake Reports outside Central Illinois. -

- For Chicago area and southern to central Wisconsin Fishing Reports check out the
Chicago Sun-Times Outdoors section by  Dale Bowman

- MARK TWAIN LAKE in Missouri
---Check Out The Fishing Reports from the Good people at South Fork Resort

- NORFORK LAKE in Arkansas
For current reports or to set up a fishing trip (we would recommend), check STR Outfitters at
--- View STR Outfitters Facebook page click here for real time up to date each day or read Tom´s fishing blog here at

If you are thinking of Fishing or Hunting this year
Check the Reports & specials from Tom Reynolds of STR Outfitters

- Read about our Outdoor Writers/Broadcasters Visit a few years ago at Kentucky Lake.

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