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There has been a lot of talk about Drop Shot and Wacky worms, but not much is said about the amazingly versatile tool, the Floating Worm. These wild-colored worms are a great come back bait that seem to cause bass to rise to the surface from nowhere, but are still under used.
This somewhat topwater lure is hard to beat when fish are shallow in clear water with temps about 60 and up. When retrieved with subtle twitches and alluring darting action, they will even catch fish right behind other anglers. A good pre or post spawn bait it is also great for skipping under overhanging trees, over and around lily pads during summer, but as well on those shallow flats in fall when fish move it to feed up.
They can be rigged a few different ways and my first experience was a floating worm did not float well with a 3/0 Mustad hook. But that can work if you want it to be under the surface some and want to pull it faster. A 1/0 Gamakatsu offset hook seems lighter and will keep the worm closer to surface while working it slower. The key here is to experiment with the retrieve which for us is – twitch and pause like a twitch bait over vegetation, brush or stumps within 2 foot of surface.
Rig it with an exposed hook and kinked up on hook some for a twist as it comes through the water with lots of action while moving very little. I like to rig worms so the hook eye and knot are inside the end of the worm. By moving the hook down the body some we find it comes through cover better with knot inside the lure and with the hook down further we get a better hookup rate.
Rig it weightless, texas-rigged or even wacky style with a small light Octopus hook and the small circle hooks are perfect for finesse lures.
I rarely use swivels since they add weight and extra knots to the rig, but they are helpful for deep water Carolina rigging.
When on lakes with lots of fishing pressure, get the spinning gear out with heavy line and skip under low docks that others pass up or go deep into the heavy cover. The spinning gear helps to skip the lure further and when cover is heavy, we will switch to Fireline.
As a bass angler today, one should include the floating worm to their bag of tricks but remember there is more to the floating worm then just running a hook through it and dragging it across the lake. But we are sure with little effort you can make it come to life and you’ll be catching fish.
EVENTS for 2006:
><> FishinPals was a unique nondenominational fellowship ministry (but is no longer operating) using the sport of fishing to bring people of all ages together to enjoy a time of fishing, fellowship, and food. Here are the next few events:
Sept. 9- kids fishing derby at Junction Pond in Jim Edger Panther Creek State Park & Wildlife Area, 2:30pm - 5pm
Sept. 23 - kids derby at Geiss Pond in Panther Creek State Park, 2:30pm - 5pm
Oct. 14- Gridley Lake Derby and Tackle Swap & Fish Fry in Panther Creek State Park, 2pm - 4:30pm. We were at this one.
- ILLINOIS BOWFISHERS held a Carpbusters tournament at Clinton Lake in July 2006 and we were amazed by the wide variety of boat types, with teams from 3 states but most amazing was the 1094 destructive exotic invasive fish removed from Clinton Lake. That is about 2.5 tons of carp! It is like their slogan says “We're rough on Rough Fish" Bowfishing=Conservation in Action.
The 1st place team Sam Wood, James Powless shoot 215 fish, winning $1000 with 2nd Jeremy Leu, Larry Sims, Brian Ball taking out 173 fish for a $240 check (photo in this issue) and 3rd was taken by Indiana shooters Dave Lubbenhusen and Mark Gill who also had Big Fish for additional $430. We enjoyed watching and everyone had fun while the lake is much better off.
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