Larry's Fishing Hole


Even with fewer anglers since mid 90s, it seems our lakes and rivers are more crowded. The reasons may be due to fewer places or access to fishing with all the development and the fact that those fishing are actually fishing more often today. And lastly would be the increase of recreational boaters and the interference of Jet Skiers.
Sometimes we wonder if this crowding is something we are just more sensitive about because of these reasons.
Nevertheless, this added pressure can make fish harder to catch by shrinking the strike zone and does worry many who feel it will decrease their fishing success. You will still find some people who enjoy the social aspect and are OK with people around them. And there are many others who thought the only line they needed to worry about was on their reels, not on the ramps.
When you find yourself waiting at the ramp to launch and then going to your favorite fishing spot to only find other anglers already there can be unsettling.
This happened to us many times but we learned to cope, take the challenge, make the most of the opportunity and share the lake with others.
Now being retired we have the chance to fish many weekdays that are no doubt better and are one of the ways to avoid the weekend crowds.
Other things to do to make the best of weekend fishing are:
- Try going farther down the lake away from the ramp.
- But also we are surprised how unpressured many marinas are.
- Slow down or switch to finesse tactics especially in real clear water and fish deeper.
- Do not be afraid to try an upsize of your bait too.
- Fish on those windy days when many do not.
- Learn to find and fish those open water structure and off-shore spots few anglers fish since they are fishing visible cover or shoreline. These are humps, weedbeds and long points or go up into creeks…..
- Watch for areas that are not getting pressured and this may be an unlikely looking spot.
- Make your own spots with brush piles if you can.
- Trolling is another great way to fish, cover water and do something different.
- Use something different, be quieter, have positive attitude, have patience and have confidence.
Weekdays you can find fish closer to shore, and as pressured weekends come, they will move out to first drop-off or creek channel.
Remember that fishing pressure is like the cold fronts we deal with, fish will move tighter to cover.
Do not get intimidated when fishing pressure is heavy, just ignore the crowds and do what you do best – FISH !
TIPS: Have you ever backed up to hitch your boat and the trailer tongue hit your vehicle’s license plate putting a dent or hole in it. To prevent this, put a piece of ¼ inch plywood between the ball and the plate, this way if you back to far the hitch will hit the wood, not the plate.
Always have your boat ready before getting on the ramp and make a check list to go over before leaving home to assure you have not forgotten something.


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