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Donít Struggle with Details

  We are sure you have noticed how our sport of fishing has become more technical in the past few years or so. There is so much information out there, such a huge variety of new or different tackle and many types of baits to choose from. What makes this more overwhelming is there are several different species of fish that we pursue adding so many different fishing systems to manage and presentations to learn how to use.   This can all be so troubling for many anglers and more so when you realize how little time you have to put to use all these details. What will make this even worse is if you are just getting started in the sport of fishing.
Well, if you are new to fishing we want you to know the good news is that you do not need to learn it all in a short time or in a few weekends. You can be a successful angler right now if you just have a simple plan put together. Our point is to always keep your plan as simple as possible or as needed but not too simple. You must be prepared but do not need to over prepare to enjoy catching fish.
As a newcomer, start by focusing on one type of fish species, such as panfish or bass, and learn some basic details about that fish such as: Where to find these fish, What are their habits, Tackle or Baits to try, Techniques or some general Presentations to use. By presentation, we mean the way you offer your bait which will determine the response you get from the fish.
Hopefully you were provided an opportunity to attend fishing seminars during the fishing and sport shows this winter along with seeing some new tackle and maybe getting to talk with other anglers. Just remember you do not need to gather, collect or learn it all in one weekend.
Next would be to apply and use these details you learned till you become comfortable and confident which time you then start adding newer baits or even add new species of fish to your fishing plan. Even we seasoned anglers with a long lifetime of fishing find each trip out to still be a process of learning. Our advantage is the resource of those anglers we have met who have been there or done it before us and provide info to help take some of the guesswork out of the pursuit of a new species.
Fishing can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. You just need a simple plan and remember most of all to have FUN. Having a plan for a fishing trip can often make the difference between catching fish or not. Your plan would include where you will fish, what you will fish for, what time of day will provide best results, and even what baits you will use for your fishing. We wish to add that a plan would not be complete without knowing the better days and times each day along with tips. This will assist you in knowing if fish will be active or not and to determine the best presentations. Now you just need to decide where to go fishing and which fish to start fishing for.?   In the past we had booths at fishing shows each year where we could see the new gear that all helped get our fishing season off to a good start. Check our website for tips along with Fishing Reports and details on Fishing events & more at
We wish to THANK all who visited our site in past years, those who shared their valuable fishing reports, purchased our past Fishing Calendars in the past, attended our seminars and supported us during the year. This year we will try to provide you with the basic info for fishing in hopes you will in time enjoy the sport as much as we do. Email us with topics you wish to read about and we will try to find that info.
  Till Next Time Have a Happy New Year, GOD BLESS & GOOD FISHING.!

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