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  As we near the start of another fishing season we look back at decisions we made, some good some not so good. Did we fish in the wrong places, did we fish too fast, fish too slow and did we learn any new techniques. Our fishing log can help us improve as does some constructive criticism.
  Most people that hear the word "criticism" think of it as a personal attack or something negative. Criticism does not mean you are a poor angler, but you are most likely good and someone thinks you can be a better angler. We have read articles that suggest finding a fishing mentor that will share knowledge about fishing and someone you feel is better than you. Have them examine your on-the-water approach to different situations. You may be surprised to find that someone with less experience than you can also be a good source of constructive criticism. This could even be your friend who you may disagree with their opinions, but it may get you to thinking.
  We find that dock talk is somewhat one-sided and they may be trying to convince you and/or themselves they know what the fish are doing. Much of this does not apply to our day of fishing so we rarely listen to it. The unfortunate thing about fishing is there is lots of information, some objective and some not so and we may never know exactly why the fish did or did not bite.
  During our time of fishing, we have been fortunate to fish together, we share fishing secrets and we enjoy passing some of them on to you. Even though I have not taken criticism well some years ago, I know now that our best critics are each other. I have been criticized for over explaining things with a step by step break down while helping others learn from our experiences hoping this info to be invaluable.
  We have been privileged to spend time and be able to fish with some of the best anglers and without mentioning names, one of our best critiques was we should focus more on fishing our strengths. Even when knowing other anglers were catching fish on presentations that were not what we were fishing, we stuck with our strengths and finished good in tournaments.
  While writing this article I was watching some sports shows and realized that an athlete endures incredible doses of criticism or insults from coaches and those that are committed to reaching their goal accept that constructive criticism to become some of the best. I know while it is painful to discover our mistakes, I do recognize it was more painful to keep making those mistakes. As Linda would remind me, no one on this earth is perfect.
  When you realize that the purpose of criticism is to wake you up and get you on track, then you'll be grateful to your critic. To become better at any activity, seek constructive criticism and be prepared to accept and deal with it. We are reminded of words from the scripture (Proverbs 9:8, 9) “But a wise man, when rebuked (criticized), will love you all the more. Teach a wise man, and he will be the wiser; teach a good man, and he will learn more”.
  A good source of information and the gear you may need this year for fishing you may have found at the annual Fishing/Sport/Outdoors Shows - Seminars.
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  We cannot end without telling you about our Awesome winter Fishing trip to Rend Lake few years ago when we had a warm January, the Crappie were biting and Hoss’s Hawg Bait comes through again as always for a mess of Nice Catfish too. We also wish to Thank Ric for a Great stay at Gun Creek Fin, Fur & Feathers Sportsmens Club,
  Till Next Time, GOD BLESS & GOOD FISHING !

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