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GPS Scouting

  During these winter months, many lakes have been drawn-down for a few different reasons. For some of the large reservoirs it is in anticipation of next spring rains but for others it is to expose shoreline or to just congregate the fish into a smaller area and help to reduce the small fish population. Many anglers will complain about this because some flood control reservoirs may be dropped as much as 6 -12 feet.
  Back in October we found several lakes at a very low level exposing lots of fish holding structure and cover. Some of these great spots or objects were not exposed but just under the surface and more visible as this time of year many lakes will be so much clearer.
  While at this low water levels, lakes will expose the location of many prime fish holding structures that were underwater during the year. This could be ledges, creek channels, holes, humps, rock piles, stumps, trees or brush and even areas with gravel. We have in the past gone out and shot photos of areas along with trying to mark these spots on a lake map. Once the water level was up we would go out again and try to locate these features, but several times we circled around awhile before finding the spot, if we could find it at all. Many times this was due to not using the correct shore objects to line-up with. We have viewed video tapes other anglers have captured during low water which appear to be somewhat effective only if they show some good landmarks to line up with to help locate them later.
  Today, we use our GPS to better mark and locate these objects without wasting time looking for the features to line-up on. The GPS has made it easier to find these objects or spots again when they are less visible under water. Additionally, you can record the latitude and longitude displayed on your GPS right on a lake map for saved reference. This is a good project during winter and can be beneficial if you have several spots on several lakes to create a log of sorts that will help you as a quick review of what each spot is or type of object on which lake.
  We have found good features to be isolated objects close to deep water and you may be amazed by the amount of fish holding structure that may be on dry ground or at the surface during these low water conditions. Landmarks can change, sometimes by weather, making it hard to find this spots once spring rains fill the lake again, but the GPS can take the guesswork out of finding these hidden spots and will direct you back to them.
  For whatever reason a lake is dropped, don't miss this great opportunity to scout and find fish hideouts; just Do Not Forget your GPS.
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  Till Next Time - GOOD FISHING

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