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- Story on Aurora Outdoor Writers visit at Kentucky Lake.

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Oct.   21st   -   25th


- What Illinois town has more Asian carp than any place else on earth Watch This Video Report

- What one Illinois plant is doing about the Asian Carp invasion may surprise you Watch This Video Report

- You may have seen this, but if not - Watch THIS VIDEO from North Carolina beach where as many as 100 sharks feeding on a school of bluefish in very shallow waters right on the shoreline that is considered to be rare..

- Quad-Cites area anglers are National Catfish Champs READ Quad-Cities story

- The State will purchase old mine property in Southern, IL - READ STORY

- The 2014 Illinois Fall Trout fishing season is underway as of Oct 18th at 50 ponds, lakes and streams throughout the state. New this fall is a catch-and-release fly fishing at a handful of sites that began Oct. 4th. Visit this IDNR Web Page for full details and site locations..
Anglers 16 and older must have a valid Illinois fishing license and an inland-trout stamp. There is a daily limit of 5 Trout per angler.

Nov. 2 - Daylight Savings Time ends ..

Nov 8 - GPS/Geocaching Program at COMLARA Park/Evergreen Lake
Read FLYER for full details..

- Property & home in Southern, IL where we Deer & Turkey hunted for years is FOR SALE
  20 acres surrounded by the Shawnee National Forest on three sides with a 7 year old home,
  5 year old 24x30 detached insulated garage with gas heat and 4 year old 24x40 Pole Barn.
  The webpage listing with Midwest Real Estate can be viewed with photos HERE

This may seem early but not that far off,
we have been asked for some show date and here is what we have so far - Check Back:
- 2015 Sport & Fishing Show Schedule -


- Watch our Fishing Reports page for Fishing photos.
And for Lake Closures taking place during Winter & Waterfowl Hunting seasons


--As Fisherman, we must stick together and share fishing tips with others.
- A good fall pattern for Bass is fishing a swim jig or a spinnerbait along or through the dying lily pad stems. Bass seem to relate to and spend time in the last remaining vegetation to feed up for winter.
- In early fall, try points with slow, gentle slope or taper into deep water. As water temps cool more, go to points with a sharper taper..
- With fall here, the Crappie too will become more actively feeding and minnows will work but as water temps hit near 60 they will move shallow and it will be jig time..
- Muskie will become more active as water temps cool, try fishing bucktail spinners or small jerkbaits.
- When catching several fish from an area, pay attention to details such as depth, type of cover, bottom type and is this a point, a break or near shore. With this you can develop a pattern to duplicate elsewhere in the lake and catch more fish.
- Experiment more with lures or baits, presentation and maybe even new places or different fish species.
** Support our local Bait Shops to assure they will be there when we need them for fresh, lively baits and current fishing info as well as latest tackle - Just a Thought..
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Do Not Forget - - FISHING IS MEANT TO BE FUN - -


by American Premier Corp. We fish their Rods


  Read Our Field Test


For a piece of paradise
at Kentucky Lake

  Contact Jack & Jan at
  High Ridge Resort
  1-800-684-8989 For All Things Muskie
& Guided Fishing Trips


After a day on Lake
See Amy Morrison
For Hair appointment

Concealed Carry Training?
We highly recommend -

Exercise your 2nd amendment right !



  - Fish Facts: - FLATFISH Lure
  In fall of 1933, Charles Helin unveiled his Flatfish lure. A banana-shaped plug that dives and wobbles violently on retrieve,
  emitting distress vibrations that many species of gamefish find irresistible. The lure requires a slow retrieve,
  but if you are patient, it will produce when many high-tech baits draw a blank..

Did You Know the State of Illinois offers Awards for Big Fish and for Catch-and-Release and now a Spear/Bow Fishing Award categories and more.
Check the I Fish site or the awards page for details and where you can fill-in and print certificate.

* The 2013-2015 Illinois Fishing Information guide is now available in PDF format on the IDNR website . Regulations in the guide are effective April 1, 2013, through March 31, 2015.
You can read or print your copy (This is a huge file so be prepared)

Fishing Tale/Story: LEADER Short length of light nylon monofilament or wire that connects the point where the knot at the end of the line slipped off to a place where the lure used to be..


If you are looking for a great deal on maybe the best fish mounting in Central Illinois,
E-mail me and I will give Phone Number.

Fall fishing is Great,
Crappie and Catfish around same brush pile..

For More Fishing photos,     or Check on our Fishing Reports page..

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