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- Story on Aurora Outdoor Writers visit at Kentucky Lake.

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East Peoria, IL Weather Forecast

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Mentioned in: March ILLINOIS GAME & FISH magazine p49 - - - -
And Terry Brown´s Pantagraph Article

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July   26th   -   28th   and   on Aug   3rd & 4th at Dawn & Dusk


- A hooked Bass is attacked and grabbed by an Osprey Watch the Video

- Havana may land a deal for a Fish Processing Plant
  Read full story in this Daily Ledger Report

- August, 2014 will have 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays & 5 Sundays. This happens only once every 823 years.

- Mike Conlin (Retired-Illinois DNR Fisheries Chief) has started an online petition to
"Stop The Proposed Project Endangering Emiquon Preserve".
Mike urges us all to read and signing the petition.   It is very easy to do..
.. just Click on this Link to view the petition and sign on to support this effort.

Aug 1 & 2 - The Original Redneck Fishing Tournament on Illinois River at Bath, IL
For details visit

Aug 7 - Southern Illinois Miners Hunting & Fishing Night Featuring Matt & Taylor Drury of Drury Outdoors & Outdoors Channel 13.. Game time is 7:05 p.m. at Rent One Park stadium home of The Southern Illinois Miners is a Professional Baseball Team in Marion, IL ( located at I-57 and Route 13 in Marion, IL ) -- View FLYER for contact info..

- There are a lot of great ways to Celebrate Summer Outdoors in Illinois such as State Parks and Great Events for Vacations, Weekend Getaways, and Family Fun
Aug. 8 - Aug. 17 in Central Illinois at Conservation World at the Illinois State Fair, Springfield: Free activities for families, including youth fishing clinics, youth archery, and wildlife, mines and minerals, fisheries, state park, and natural heritage displays. For more events, visit this DNR Page

- BULLFROG season is underway and runs through Aug 31 Bullfrogs may be taken by hand, fishing pole and line fishing, landing net, bow & arrow or bow and spear or gig. You must have a sport fishing license and limits are 8 bullfrogs daily limit with 16 bullfrogs possession limit

Illinois law requires persons at least 12 years of age and less than 18 years of age may only operate a motorboat if:
  -They have in possession a valid Boating Education Certificate of Competency issued by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Safety Education Division, or
  -They are accompanied on the motorboat and under direct control of a parent or guardian, or a person at least 18 years of age designated by a parent or guardian.
* Visit the IDNR website for class info, and for couple Online Self-Study Course options.
For future class dates & locations of Illinois Safety Education Courses by County - Click HERE (they make updates frequently)
Remember, youngsters 13 and under are required to wear a life jacket when on a boat that is under way.
- - Below are some Boating Safety Education courses from the IDNR
- Aug 16th from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM at IL Waterway Visitor Center, 950 N 27TH RD, in Ottawa, IL ph (815)667-4054
- We highly recommend taking a boating safety course and passing you may receive a discount on insurance, we did.


- Watch our Fishing Reports page for Fishing photos.


by American Premier Corp. We fish their Rods


  Read Our Field Test


For a piece of paradise
at Kentucky Lake

  Contact Jack & Jan at
  High Ridge Resort
  1-800-684-8989 For All Things Muskie
& Guided Fishing Trips Best prices and no sales
  tax on Trolling Motors !

After a day on Lake
See Amy Morrison
For Hair appointment




--As Fisherman, we must stick together and share fishing tips with others.
-When catching several fish from an area, pay attention to details such as depth, type of cover, bottom type and is this a point, a break or near shore. With this you can develop a pattern to duplicate elsewhere in the lake and catch more fish.
- Now is some of the best times for topwater or surface presentations as fish are more likely to feed on the surface. These fish range from Largemouth Bass and White Bass to the Hybrid Striped Bass.
And with the weed mat growth, the Scum Frog is a great option along with being fun to fish.
- In going with our July Facts on the Jitterbug that is a staple in the tacklebox of many bass anglers, we find it particularly favored for fishing at dawn and dusk along with calm nights.   Also, a slow and steady retrieve will produce best. And had been said you can lure fish out of lily pads or stumps by twitching the Jitterbug erratically..
- The phrase good-things-come-in-small-packages refers to the Bluegill called panfish for good reason as they are tasty. Summer time is a great time to kick-back and enjoy catching these willing bait grabbers as they are in shallow and active. Panfish or Bluegill are great fish to target when taking youngsters or newcomers out to enjoy the sport of fishing. A small jig with a small grub fished near bottom along weeds and fallen trees or brush will draw bites. And adding a wax worm or Fizards will more than surely attract a bite.
If you have a successful day catching, be sure to keep just what you will eat of these tasty fish for a fish fry as they do breed often and with some conservation on bigger fish the small fish numbers can be kept in check and there will be healthier and bigger fish for years to come.
Experiment more with lures or baits, presentation and maybe even new places or different fish species.
* - With this hot weather,
Night Fishing is a great way to escape the summer heat and crowds..
** Support our local Bait Shops to assure they will be there when we need them for fresh, lively baits and current fishing info as well as latest tackle - Just a Thought..
  ..· `·. ><((((º> ..· `·. .· `·. ><((((º> ,.· `·. ..· `·. ><((((º>
Do Not Forget - - FISHING IS MEANT TO BE FUN - -

  - Fish Facts: - In 1893 Fred Arbogast was born in Akron, Ohio and became a competitive caster winning
  many world titles, but it was his lure-making that left his biggest mark. He had made several lures, however,
  the most original or enduing was his wobbling surface plug with the wide metal lip of 1938 - The Jitterbug..

Did You Know the State of Illinois offers Awards for Big Fish and for Catch-and-Release and now a Spear/Bow Fishing Award categories and more.
Check the I Fish site or the awards page for details and where you can fill-in and print certificate.

* The 2013-2015 Illinois Fishing Information guide is now available in PDF format on the IDNR website . Regulations in the guide are effective April 1, 2013, through March 31, 2015.
You can read or print your copy (This is a huge file so be prepared)

Fishing Tale/Story: - Size of Fish - Nothing grows more (or faster) than a fish from the time it is caught to the time it is released..


If you are looking for a great deal on maybe the best fish mounting in Central Illinois,
E-mail me and I will give Phone Number.

We found the Bass to be FAIR last Thursday during the mid-day minor period..

For More Fishing photos,     or Check on our Fishing Reports page..

E-mail me at :

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