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Herald & Review article on Fish is a healthier alternative to meat
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We make REGULAR UPDATES to our FISHING REPORTS, current Events, our tips, new facts, trivia, best fishing days and PRODUCT TEST Reviews & FISHING ARTICLES.
Fishing success depends on many factors such as an anglers experience, the baits/lures used, the presentations/techniques, weather and other variables. Our goal is to share information to help anglers improve their fishing success by making good decisions.
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June   30th at Dawn & Dusk   and   July   and   6th   -   10th


Help our youth get excited about fishing - passing on knowledge, continuing a great tradition. Some ways to Introduce Your Kids   --- to the outdoor adventure of fishing Discover the fun of fishing or --- teach young people to fish and have a successful fishing experience.
  If you are new to fishing, here is A Guide to Everything You Need to get started.
- Disabled Outdoor Opportunities website
  And Accessible Fishing Areas for the Disabled in Illinois

- Black Carp Bounty for Commercial Fishers Only, encouraging report/turn-in any specimens of
invasive black carp captured. Details on RELEASE . Since Black Carp closely resemble common
Grass Carp, How to Identify Black Carp  For more Juvenile Asian Carp Identification video
- IDNR seeking bids for new vendor to run Rend Lake Resort (Closed Dec. 2016)
  Read The Southern Illinoisan article..
- Illinois State Parks are great places to visit during Summer. Check out these time-lapse videos of Great State Parks  At some sites cabins can be reserved; advance reservations for picnic shelters can be made online @  IL State Parks guide posted on IDNR website
- BULLFROG season is underway through Oct. 15th   and  -  Common snapping turtles may
  also be taken during this time, except, in southern most counties.
* PLEASE read Full Regulations on pages 6 & 7 for details and or exceptions.!
 July 22 & 23 - Southern Illinois Sportsman Show at Expo Hall, Duquoin Fairgrounds FLYER
Hennepin Marine wishes to remind us all; With the Fourth of July holiday coming up, now is a great time to brush up on your Boaters Safety. Holidays can bring a surplus of boaters to the water. Whether you´re a new or seasoned boater, you should be aware of the laws for your own safety. Check this Discover Boating's Safety Checklist

- We highly recommend taking a boating safety course - maybe get a discount on insurance.

- July 22   8:30am-5:00pm IL Waterway Visitor Center 950 N 27 Rd, Ottawa
- to Register call 815-667-4054 or email

* Looking to save some money on your next fishing trip?
Make sure to browse timeshare resales for sale and rent by owner.
Timeshare resales that are for sale and rent by owner are
typically 70% off the price you´d pay at a resort or vacation home directly.
There are several timeshare resales available for rent around the Lake of the Ozarks.


 YOUR Boating Headquarters 

Gun Creek Fin, Fur & Feathers Sportsmens Club   At Rend Lake
Check with them for all your Fishing or Hunting outfitter in the future !

    Heroes On The Water
Helping warriors & veterans relax, rehabilitate & reintegrate   through kayak fishing
    & the outdoors.

 For a piece of paradise
  at Kentucky Lake,  or
Great Business Opportunity for income while enjoying the outdoors and Good fishing;

  Contact   High Ridge Resort

After a day on Lake
See Amy Morrison
For Hair appointment


  Concealed Carry Training?
Exercise your
2nd amendment right !



-- As Fisherman, we must stick together and share fishing tips with others.
- If you are looking for a certain species of fish that require special techniques,
or if you are fishing a region for the first time, consider hiring a local guide
for your first day out. This will provide good info & not waste precious fishing time.
Check with those we have listed on our
Fishing Reports page.

- Fish will move into shallow areas to feed, try topwater baits early & late in day.
- Great article from couple month ago : Self-Imposed Limits - The Key to Great Panfishing
but still applies for spring as larger males are crucial to healthy populations
(this article helps identify Male gills)..

** Always treat other anglers just as you want to be treated. Honor their spots.
When leaving an area, use your trolling motor until you are out of the fishing area.
Don´t make waves or pull in too close to other anglers.

** Support our local Bait Shops to assure they will be there when we need them for fresh,
lively baits and current fishing info or advice as well as the latest tackle..!
  - Just a Thought..  
********** Give yourself the gift of time outdoors this year. ***********
Get Out and ENJOY..!
Let the Best sound on the water this year be
"Daddy, Mommy (Grandpa, Grandma) I caught one"

And it may take more than just one afternoon..

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Do Not Forget - - FISHING IS MEANT TO BE FUN - -

  - Fish Facts:   1967 - Insurance salesman Ray Scott of Montgomery, Alabama, organizes the first "professional" bass tournament
            on Beaver Lake, Arkansas. The age of fishing-for-dollars and pro fishermen begins.

  Did You Know the State of Illinois offers Awards for Big Fish, for Catch-and-Release and a Spear/Bow Fishing Award categories and more.
Check I Fish Illinois site or the awards page for details and where you can fill-in and print certificate.

* The New 2017 Illinois Fishing Information guide is now available in PDF format
on the IDNR website . Regulations in the guide are effective through March 31, 2018.
You can read or print a copy (This is a huge file so be prepared)
* Once again for 2017, Illinois Free Fishing Days will be during
the Father´s Day weekend on June 16 - 19.

  - Fishing Tale/Story:   Skiff - A slow leak surrounded by a relatively small, lightweight, boat-shaped piece of wood..

Tomorrow is never promised. Appreciate today !

If you are looking for a great deal on maybe the best fish mounting in Central Illinois,
E-mail me and I will give Phone Number.

Last Wednesday we found lakes to be stained with levels up some after rains and
most all fish we marked were suspended at 8 - 10 foot in about 18 - 20 foot of water.
So, we set out crankbaits that run 7-8 foot, trolled and caught a Good mess of Crappie
along with several fun White Bass and a couple real nice Largemouth Bass too.
A Really FUN Day of Fishing and topped off with Fresh Crappie for Dinner..!

For More Fishing photos,     or Check on our Fishing Reports page..

E-mail me at :

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